About Us

CherryAbLogoSince its early beginnings in Sweden in 1963, Cherry has been one of the market leaders for providing players with fun, stylish and exciting casino entertainment. Deeply rooted in the restaurant casino industry, Cherry has expanded rapidly during its history of more than 50 years to also launch some of the first casinos into the online world, allowing it to reach a much wider net of players seeking a quality experience.

In 1963, two ambitious young Swedes – Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström – pooled their money together to buy their first slot machine and thus established a brand new company: Restaurang Rouletter AB. Growing their business across the nation, within 10 years they gained 55 per cent of the Swedish slot machine market and soon rebranded their company as what we now know to be Cherry.cherry_history_2013_en

As the expansion of restaurant casinos across Sweden and Eastern Europe continued, Cherry embraced any and all opportunities for further expansion by venturing into the world of modern technology. And so, with the rapid growth of the Internet in the late ‘90s, Cherry acquired fledgling online gaming developer Net Entertainment and soon became one of the first gaming companies to advance into the online market.

Since then, Cherry has continued to evolve and has seen the purchase, launch and sale of several major online brands that have each aided Cherry’s substantial growth in the online sector. And in 2011, that growth was further encouraged with the release of a brand new affiliate site, CherryAffiliates.com.

Since its launch, CherryAffiliates’ main focus has been on promoting the three primary brands now operated by Cherry: EuroLotto, SpilleAutomater and CherryCasino.
Originally launched in 2011, EuroLotto.com is home to the exciting Majestic Millions draw, which starts at €25 million each day. As Europe’s biggest daily lottery draw, this represents a significant turning point in the lottery industry, which was previously dominated by state-owned lotteries across Europe. Since its initial release, EuroLotto.com was re-launched in 2014 with a brand new look, as well as the addition of an online casino, including more than 250 slot games, table games, keno games and more.

With growing opportunities becoming evident in Norway, in 2013 Cherry saw an opportunity to localise the market, hence launching SpilleAutomater.com, a tailor-made experience designed specifically for Norway. A patriotic brand, SpilleAutomater encourages the support of national clubs and associations in Norway through its unique union cooperation system, which allows players to select their preferred team or association to support whilst playing. SpilleAutomater truly has captured the fun essence of gaming and provides players with a quality experience of more than 350 games, frequent and varying bonuses and plenty of opportunities to interact with the brand.

Last but not least to enter CherryAffiliates’ portfolio was CherryCasino.com, which was re-launched in late 2013. Previously owned by the Betsson Group, Cherry bought the brand back and re-established it in its home roots. CherryCasino’s major selling point is its more than 50 years of industry experience, and it proudly promotes the level of sophistication and trustworthiness casino that it provides to its players. However, it’s not all about its rich history – since its re-launch, CherryCasino has become a fresh, vibrant and stylish site that offers loads of promotional campaigns with daily bonuses, player interaction and incentive to keep coming back to see what else has been added to this thrilling and highly entertaining online gaming experience.

Today, Cherry continues to expand across both of its markets – restaurant casinos and online – with the intent of furthering their leading position as a quality provider of casino entertainment. In addition to their online presence, Cherry now also operates tables and casino services in approximately 250 nightclubs, bars and restaurants across Sweden. Cherry Chief Executive Officer Emil Sunvisson says that he is proud of Cherry’s growth, which he believes is down to a strong brand identity and an ability to adapt.
“I am convinced that Cherry has both the competence and the motivation to succeed in a rapidly changing market, and we are well equipped to manage the different rules and regulations in different regions,” he says.

With more than 50 years of industry experience, it certainly comes as no surprise that Cherry offers a superior gaming experience of fun and sophistication, as well as a safe environment for players. Cherry has certainly evolved over its time in the industry and time and time again, proven its ability to adapt with changing markets.