Alchymedes – Video Slot

Name: Alchymedes
Software: Yggdrasil
RTP: 96.2%
Minimum bet: €0.30
Max Bet: €150
Jackpot: NO
Release date: 2017/01/24


It’s time to step into the Alchymedes lab and start conjuring up those cash wins! This video slot has a lot of magic to offer; how about 200 different levels, 15,000 wild patterns and a level completion multiplier. And after each completed level the Alchemist’s scale will appear where the player gets to make a choice between adding more wilds or more multipliers.

How to play

  • 5 Reels
  • 4 Rows
  • 60 Paylines (half left-to-right and half right-to-left)
  • Levels
  • Spreading Wild Pattern
  • Level Completion Multiplier
  • The Alchemist’s Scale

Alchymedes has five reels, four rows and 60 paylines.

Bonus features


The main objective of this game is to complete as many levels as possible by getting line wins on all symbol positions, completing 10 levels will upgrade your laboratory, and completing all 200 levels will open all upgrades. The winning line positions are marked with a golden background.

Spreading Wild Pattern:

This game offer more than 15,000 spreading wild patterns, and a new random pattern will be assigned to each level. Each wild that lands on the reels will spread within the pattern.

Level Completion Multiplier:

Every new level starts with a 1x multiplier that can increase randomly by 1-5 times with each spin. The multiplier applies to the last win of each level.

 Alchemist’s Scale:

The Alchemist’s Scale will appear after completion of each level and the player is given a choice to either add more of the green wild potion or more of the red multiplier potion to the concoction. The wild potion will increase the wild pattern potential, and the multiplier potion will increase the multiplier potential.


The name of this game is clearly based on Archimedes, the Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer, and the first person to approximate the value of Pi.