Reviews are one of the key information tools at an affiliate’s disposal, and one which some affiliate programmes don’t pay as much attention to. At Cherry we understand just how important reliable and well informed reviews are to players and that more and more online choices are being made based on positive review messages. Once you join the Cherry Affiliates scheme we make sure that you have access to a host of excellent reviews to bolster your marketing efforts.

The marketing tools available to you as soon as you sign up are comprehensive and reviews are just one part of the overall tool kit. Our affiliates are assured that they are kept informed of all the latest marketing elements promoting the Cherry brands which in turn means that they can update their players appropriately on a regular basis. High quality reviews also offer an opportunity to maximise SEO (search engine optimisation) opportunities which are always of high value to drive traffic to partner websites.

Reviews are an excellent way of cross-selling casino & other gaming brands to existing players. By making your players aware of other games which are available to them in an informed way, reviews can entice regular players to try additional games and ultimately generate more income in commissions for the affiliate. Players and potential players will have an idea of the great games on offer and what to expect before they even sign up. By making use of all the tools in the marketing suite our affiliates make the most of their opportunities to make money – which is good for them and good for us too!

Reviews are an excellent way to entice people to find out more. A positive reference in a review for a casino game or poker room will encourage players to investigate further and can be informative too. Reviews are just one part of the great support package on offer to our affiliates and we at Cherry are dedicated to making sure that you have everything you need to be a success and are fully aware of ways to use the tools at your disposal. With a portfolio of recognisable, respected brands it is easy to see why Cherry Affiliates is a strong contender in its field. More successful affiliates means more customers for our business which means more success for us too.

Signing up to the Cherry Affiliates programme gives you access to all the fantastic content we have to offer which will benefit you straight away. Reviews are a great tool, but remember they are just one of the elements to put together the ultimate marketing strategy. We aim to service our partnership with all our affiliates fully, and in order to do so we make sure that our marketing support is second to none. If you’re not already an affiliate then consider the excellent support and benefits we have to offer – we know they are hard to beat. Join Cherry Affiliates today and you never know, your first commissions could be just around the corner