Our high profile brands are well represented in video terms with adverts and promotions featured in video form for affiliates to use as engagement tools. Used in conjunction with banners and email campaigns videos can be highly effective in converting prospects into players. Making the most of the marketing tools available to you as a Cherry Affiliate will help you to be successful and earn the best commissions.

Cherry make sure that you don’t miss out on all the latest brand updates and game details by regularly updating the YouTube content. New games are previewed and future changes are announced in an exciting and engaging way. Sharing videos is extremely easy, meaning that our affiliates have no difficulty in passing on new information to other people.

Video is not just about viewing adverts. Giving potential players an insight into what a casino or poker room looks and feels like is essential in many players decision making process. It is important to excite and engage in order to maximise conversion rates and video is one of the many marketing tools at your disposal in order to do just that.

Affiliates will also find that by viewing Cherry videos they gain further knowledge about the brands they are trying to attract players to and this will help them with their strategy. The range of exciting brands on offer is well represented and an idea of what to expect when players sign up is clearly demonstrated. There is always a reason to check back too as future developments, new games and promotions are all featured in videos on YouTube.

Easily accessible and an ideal way to quickly and simply keep up with what’s new, Cherry Affiliate’s videos are just another reason why we are renowned for being one of the best supported affiliate programs there is. As part of the marketing mix videos are an innovative and interesting way to communicate with players and potential players so have a look right now – we know you’ll be impressed with what we have to offer.